Life in the darkness

Exhibition design on the subject »Food web in caves«

This project was realized in collaboration with the »LWL Museum für Naturkunde«- the natural history museum- in Münster. The work was part of the special exhibition »Life in the darkness« in the period of time from May 2015 to May 2016.
I developed the exhibition concept and interior design. The conception also included a corresponding Illustrative design of various information panels.
Watercolor & Digital Illustration | 2015

The exhibition design involves five illuminated exhibition boards which are integrated into a walk-through cave construction. The visitor can find out more details about the zoning of a cave and which species are located there. In addition, the observer gets to know how these living beings are morphologically adapted to the extreme conditions of their living space. Besides, differences in food circulations within a cave and on the ground are illustrated.

Rotating information panels contain details of the geographical distribution and life style of different cave animals.